A Forgotten Way of Life
A Forgotten Way of Life


This is a story of the shift from the farm to the city – the most dynamic and revolutionary change in America’s lifestyle as it occurred in Northern Virginia. This tale is seen and told through the lives and eyes of one family, the Polands. Through more than 130 years, A Forgotten Way of Life tells the life of a farmer, Preston Poland, and his family. Readers will share the successes and heartbreaks of the Polands while traveling along through the life of the land, from the time of the draft horse on to tractor and commuter van. The Polands’ A Forgotten Way of Life makes history personal.

Harried commuters whiz and sputter over northern Virginia’s highways, on their way to work in the nation’s capital and surrounding suburbs. Preoccupied drivers travel over highways that were once farmland, unaware of the life that came before them: an agrarian way of life that most Americans experienced from the Colonial times to the mid-twentieth century. Read more

About Charles Preston Poland Sr. and Jr.

The life of C. Preston Poland spanned most of the twentieth century. He was born in 1912, when America and Loudoun County, Virginia were still rural and the horse was still the primary form of travel and power for farming. During his eighty six years the family farm and the traditional community of more tranquil living would virtually disappear replaced by suburban sprawl and bedroom communities. Read more


Excerpt from the Book

The greatness of a country is not the fame of her political leaders and celebrities but lies in the collective contributions of the forgotten lives and families of the unknown masses.
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